Fire Prevention Plans

In response to a number of high profile fires in the waste management industry, many waste management sites are now required by the Environment Agency to implement a Fire Prevention Plan (FPP). Ultimately FPPs will be required for all permitted sites storing any amount of ‘combustible’ material, but the Environment Agency are currently prioritising sites that are applying for a new permit, or changing an existing one.

Some of the more difficult FPP requirements to comply with relate to maximum stockpile sizes, clearances between stockpiles and ignition sources, fire water provision and the containment of fire water.

Gaining Environment Agency approval for an FPP is a challenging process, and attempting to write one without the relevant experience can result in an application being rejected, or the site operations being over restricted.

Mayer Environmental has worked together with trade associations and the Environment Agency in developing sector-specific FPP guidance and has a successful track record in securing agreement from the Environment Agency that certain wastes are non-combustible, and that alternatives measures to those stated in the guidance should apply. 

Whether you need an FPP preparing from scratch, or advice on an FPP you are struggling to get approved by the Environment Agency, Mayer Environmental can help.


We have developed a strong relationship with Mayer over the years. Their understanding of our industry, diligence and commitment to achieving tangible results has meant that we can concentrate on other aspects of our business.

Shane Mellor - Managing Director Mellor Metals

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