Duty of Care

Anybody handling controlled waste has a ‘duty of care’ to ensure their waste is stored in an appropriate manner, and upon transfer, is only transferred to an authorised person, and when transferred it should be accompanied by a waste transfer note.

The Waste Regulations set out the information that must legally provided on a waste transfer note, and outline the system for registering waste carriers and brokers.

The Hazardous Waste Regulations require a hazardous waste consignment note to be used when transferring any waste exhibiting at least one hazardous property.

Mayer can provide advice on how to comply with these regulations, and can register your company with the Environment Agency as a waste carrier or producer.

It is essential audits are undertaken to ensure you are complying with your duty of care for the wastes you produce and handle. These audits should include the waste classification, the documentation used to transfer the wastes and the organisations you hand your wastes to for recycling or disposal.  

Mayer have the skills to provide duty of care audits to ensure you remain compliant and gain the most from your resources. 


We have developed a strong relationship with Mayer over the years. Their understanding of our industry, diligence and commitment to achieving tangible results has meant that we can concentrate on other aspects of our business.

Shane Mellor - Managing Director Mellor Metals

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