The Industrial Emissions Directive (Directive 2010/75/EU) came into effect in January 2011, and work is underway reviewing and outlining new Best Available Techniques (BAT) Reference documents (BREFs) for specific installations through the ‘Sevila process’.   A range of waste operations, not previously permitted as installations, will fall under the directive, dictating not only techniques but emission limit values operators must adhere to.

Mayer was selected to conduct an industry funded study of the UK industrial metal shredding industry.  The in-depth study was carried out over a period of 18 months and included on site sampling and consultation with industry experts. The report titled, “BREF Style Report Metal Fragmentising Operations Industrial Emissions Directive“has now been published and can be found here.

As an important benchmark into current industry practise the findings of this study will be used to feed into the ‘Sevilla Process’. The key elements of BREFs (i.e. ‘BAT conclusions’) are adopted through committee procedure and are the reference for setting permit conditions for installations covered by the IED.

The ’Sevilla process’ for the metal shredder industry is not expected to be completed until after 2015. 

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