The ISO 9001:2015 standard is seen as the key or core standard for organisations. It is universally recognised as the quality management system standard and is there to help you drive continual improvement through your activities.

The new standards are written to help you integrate them and this is a great place to start on your organisations journey. It will help your organisation to:

  • Improve efficiency and effectiveness
  • establish clear objectives and targets in response to risks and opportunities 
  • Win and retain business
  • Stand out from your competitors

Benefits of certification will include: 

• Consistent, repeatable processes
• Impressing existing clients
• Enhanced staff engagement  
• Achieve operational excellence and continual improvement
• Efficiency savings 

Many or our customers tell us that to even submit a tender for new work they now need to demonstrate compliance with ISO 9001.

Our process: 

We view the standards as a scaffold against which you map your existing activities and then fill in the gaps.


Your auditor gets in touch to go through the audit plan, speak to you and your staff in preparation for your initial audits, review your processes and prepare a gap analysis. We also undertake an assessment of the Risk and Opportunities facing your organisation and the Objective and Targets program to deal with them.  We call this stage getting your ‘ROOTs down’. 


Many clients are surprised how much they already have in place.  ISO certification should be achieved through good business practise not by creating systems for ISO. The gap analysis report outlines the steps required to achieve your certification. We are here to help you through this process.


Once ready we will visit again to establish if your management systems and processes meet the requirements of the standard through audit. This audit will be planned, conducted and closed in exactly the same way your certification body will undertake their audit. This is a great practise. There are no surprises and findings and recommendations will be communicated throughout the audit, in summary at the closing meeting and in a detailed audit report. 

Internal audits

The effectiveness of ISO 9001 is driven by its requirement for continual improvement, so we stay in touch and arrange internal audits with you through the year, we are also happy to help train your own staff to take on this role. These audits are an ISO requirement and annual assessments to keep your certification up-to-date.