Management Systems

Management Systems

Our systems approach is to view the ISO standards as a scaffold to help you build and develop the systems that work for you. We can help develop and align organisational management systems into one integrated management system (IMS), this includes streamlining documentation, documenting polices, process mapping department functions and operational activities. This may include documentation required as part of certification to a management systems standard such as ‘Context of the Organisation’, ‘Scope of the Management System’, ‘Interested Parties’ etc.

Our experience with a wide range of software applications and adopted process approach will ensure that your organisations documentation is reviewed alongside processes and procedures and updated to ensure consistency and remove unnecessary duplication.

This will provide a user-friendly platform to access documents efficiently. As well as this framework providing conformance to the ‘documented information’ requirements of the ISO management systems standards, effectiveness is also achieved by enabling operations to run more efficiently.

The development and implementation of an IMS in various organisations has proven to be a  seamless integration into businesses, simplifying and increasing the effectiveness of processes for both internal and external parties, effectively reducing time and costs for internal and external auditors.

The management systems team

At Mayer Environmental, the Management Systems division consists of a team of experienced systems professionals and IRCA certificated Lead Auditors dedicated to meet the need of our clients. We assist organisations in developing and/or auditing management systems for conformance and effectiveness against ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018, ISO 27001:2013 legal and other requirements with the aim of improving their business performance and achieving ISO certification.

Legal compliance

With our wide-range of professionals and extensive years of experience, we provide services to help support maintaining compliance with legal requirements which include developing and maintaining legal registers appropriate to your organisation. Where legislation is complex, difficult to interpret or unclear of how to implement, we can provide awareness and guidance on how to remain compliant.


We are such advocates of the improvement and the benefits that result from the implementation of a structured management system, we have implemented an integrated system of our own.  

Meet The Team

Our professional and friendly auditing team is here to help.

Saima Mirza

Senior Systems Consultant

Saima is an experienced management systems professional with direct experience of developing, implementing and auditing management systems to support organisations through their journey to successfully achieving ISO certification and to continually improve as a business.
Saima is a Chartered Quality Professional and IRCA Certificated Lead Auditor fully qualified in education and training with over 10 years experience in ISO 9001, 14001, 45001 / (OHSAS 18001) and ISO 27001. Saima has facilitated numerous management systems implementation projects that have resulted in significant operational and business improvements.
Saima has experience with a wide range of software applications and specialises in the development of integrated management system (IMS). She develops bespoke process based solutions utilising user-friendly platforms to access documentation efficiently. The development and implementation of an IMS has continually proven to be effective, through the integration of various requirements i.e. Quality, Environment, Health & Safety within organisations. Saima recently lead a successful ISO re-certification assessment for one of our largest clients and facilitated the reduction of audit days by introducing an IMS and demonstrating continual improvement. This resulted in a substantial 40% cost saving to the organisation, ensuring a high level of quality and performance is achieved.
Saima delivers ISO awareness workshops and training tailored to meet the needs of each organisation, based on her own experience of implementing and auditing various management systems.
Saima leads and conducts professional management system audits, manages third party contracts and acts as point of contact with certification bodies.
Through collation of performance reports and audit programmes including analysis of internal and external non-conformances, she is able to identify trends that encourage evidenced based decision making within organisations for continual improvement prioritisation.