Remedial Strategy Verification

Remedial design based upon an ‘Options Appraisal’ must be managed and controlled. Without this, there is no way to know if the works have been undertaken to the standard required, or if the target or end point of the remedial works has been reached.

Monitoring by visiting the site, collecting samples of waters and soils for analysis, recording ground gases and collating data enables the remedial program to be managed effectively and the end point to be determined.

All of this data is essential to providing the Verification and Completion report to the regulators for approval and eventual sign off.

On any remedial project we are involved with monitoring and management is provided as part of the service. However, we also provide the service as a third party observer, to give client’s comfort that the works are being undertaken as they should be.

"Above all, Mayer adopted a ‘common sense’ approach that enabled me to keep a tight reign on our budget. Their service and manner was open and honest, thanks once again to the team at Mayer."

Martin Graves - Private Client

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