Phase 3 Remedial Design

The aim of land regeneration is to produce a site which is fundamentally fit for its intended use. Once the investigations, and risk assessments have been completed the site’s conceptual site model helps to guide the next step; the remedial solution.

It may be that the site’s history has been kind, and that there is little significant contamination allowing the process of building or regeneration to begin.  If not, the site may require remedial measures to bring it to a standard suitable for use and in this situation a remedial design is required.

The aim of the remedial design is to enable the site to be developed and to ensure that at the end of the development the site will not pose a significant risk to the end users or surrounding environment. The key is to do this in as cost effective and sustainable manner as possible. The chosen solution will vary and is dependent upon the proposed end use, the environmental setting of the site and the contaminants present.

The types and methods used for remediation are wide ranging with new methods & technologies being introduced every year. The Mayer ethos is to match the methods to the site, selecting the most appropriate to achieve the required outcome, considering the cost and the sustainability of the process. This requires an ‘Option Appraisal’ where the Conceptual Site Model, investigation data and proposed end use are considered against all the available remedial methods to select the most effective. We ensure any wastes are appropriately characterised and any reusable topsoil resources are managed to preserve them. 

Once all stake holders agree to the remedial plan and a Remedial Strategy has been developed, you and the regulators need comfort that the plan will be put in to action and executed appropriately. We work closely with trusted remedial contractors to ensure the remediation is executed to the required standards and our experienced consultants monitor the works closely. Where a strategy may need to be deviated from, for instance on finding unexpected ground conditions during the development works, Mayer will ensure effective communication with the appropriate Regulators enables the unexpected to be dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Further information on the verification of a Remedial Strategy can be found here.

"Above all, Mayer adopted a ‘common sense’ approach that enabled me to keep a tight reign on our budget. Their service and manner was open and honest, thanks once again to the team at Mayer."

Martin Graves - Private Client

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