Phase 2 Ground Investigation

The scope of the Phase II Ground Investigation is based on the findings of the Phase 1 Desk Study and the Preliminary Conceptual Site Model. This will enable us to target the investigation to allow the most cost effective strategy to be used.

The key to the intrusive investigation is to collect and characterise information on the actual presence and location of contaminants within a site. The investigation also explores and characterises the pathways via which contaminants might move to impact upon receptors.

 We always manage and supervise the investigation process, rather than hand this important role to someone else. This ensures the works are undertaken safely, and we can see ground conditions first hand, adapting to the site as it is revealed during the investigation process. Knowing where to investigate, dig or drill is a skill in itself.

Every site is different so the methods used to investigate them vary from site to site. We match the investigation method to the specific conditions and the requirements of the stakeholders.

Shell and auger, window sampling, rotary drilling, trial pitting and hand digging may be used to collect and characterise information from below the site surface. The specific method or combination of methods is again site specific and considered within the scope of works.

We always encourage regulators to visit the site during these works so that they may also see the ground conditions for themselves and discuss the project.

We pride ourselves on providing easy to read, pragmatic and accessible reports that, in line with current guidance, detail the findings of the investigation, an updated Conceptual Site Model and any further recommendations. Further information on the assessment of the findings of a ground investigation can be found here. (risk assessment)

Our ethos acknowledges that every client and every site is different, and therefore deserves a personal service tailored to your unique requirements.

"Above all, Mayer adopted a ‘common sense’ approach that enabled me to keep a tight reign on our budget. Their service and manner was open and honest, thanks once again to the team at Mayer."

Martin Graves - Private Client

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