Water Monitoring

Water Analysis  

If you discharge any waters from site, other than clean roof run off, it is likely that you will require a Consent to Discharge from either the Environment Agency if you discharge to a controlled water, or from your water company if you discharge to foul sewer.  

These consents will layout the water quality expected of your discharge by stipulating maximum concentrations of certain parameters which are permitted. Some parameters you may not be permitted to discharge at all.  

The management of these discharge waters is an important part of your environmental compliance. Regular visual inspections are required as routine, and will identify oily sheens or discolouration due to sediment, which may represent non compliances in itself. However, without regular sampling and analysis it is not possible to determine compliance.  

The analysis is undertaken to UKAS and MCERTs standards so you can be sure of the quality of data. For further information on the Analysis & Testing Services Mayer can offer please refer to this section.

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