The analysis of waste is important for two reasons. As an operator, it ensures that you are:

a) fulfilling your duty of care; and

b) disposing of your waste in an appropriate way manner

Achieving these standards requires an appropriate designation and European Waste Catalogue (EWC) code.

Determining the best disposal route for waste requires detailed knowledge of waste classification and analysis methods. This is where Mayer’s skill and experience can help.

We routinely perform analysis to help clients properly determine the appropriate designation for waste. If necessary, we will challenge the Environment Agency over a stated classification if we feel there are grounds to do so.

The Landfill Directive 2002 stipulates a series of rules, known as Waste Acceptance Criteria (WAC), which require specific testing be carried out to establish if materials are suitable for landfill disposal.

If materials are deemed suitable for landfill, the classification of landfill to use will also then be stipulated.

Mayer offers clear and practical advice in this complex area.

Wet waste landfill tax discounts

Water added to waste as part of an industrial process can be discounted above certain levels to help reduce landfill tax payments.

Contact us today we will help with the sampling and analysis of the wastes and also handle the applications and management of the discount on your behalf.

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