Soils – Contamination and Topsoil

Soil testing covers a broad range of parameters and requirements. Our consultants will tailor the analysis to the question you require the answer to, whether this is ‘is the soil suitable for re-use on site?’ or ‘what is the best disposal method for my soil?’.

We have specifically designed testing packages including for example ME2 (a general contamination suite), TQ1 (a general Topsoil Quality Package) and TQ2 (Topsoil Quality suite to BS3882:2015) and bespoke testing suites and individual parameters of all types.

Many sites to be developed already have a valuable topsoil resource. This resource can usually be reused in a sustainable and cost effective way, providing that it is considered at the project planning stage.  Site won materials have a significantly lower carbon footprint than those which have to be transported, and are a more cost effective resource. 

If you are to import soils it is essential that the soils you have brought meet your required specification and are free from contaminants and pernicious weeds including for example Japanese Knotweed and Horsetail. We offer a sampling and testing service to ensure that the soils supplied are what you bought and are what you expected to receive. We can analyse and assess soils to the BS3882 and BS8601 for Topsoil and Subsoil and all analysis is provided by UKAS accredited laboratories.

For further information on classifying soils for disposal please head to here.

All analysis is undertaken to UKAS and MCERTs standards so you can be sure of the quality of data

"At short notice, Mayer is always able to accommodate our testing requirements. Our industry demands quick turnaround times and Mayer is able to deliver this. Over the years, Mayer has always provided us with excellent support and value for money."

Zak Simpson - General Manager Buxted Construction

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