Professional Learning and Development Support

MET Academy can provide your organisation with Learning and Development Support by working directly with you to conduct a Training Needs Analysis (TNA) for your employees, deliver or source the appropriate training and then record and store all training records for your organisation via an electronic Learner Management System (LMS).

Legislation keeps changing and organisations are constantly evolving and growing therefore employees need to keep pace. Therefore a Training Needs analysis will identify any knowledge gaps an employee may have in relation to a desired training objective, which may be related to personal development, compliance requirements or succession planning.

Moving forwards MET Academy will be able to identify all the training which needs to be completed within a specified time period which enables your team to complete their job effectively, whilst engaging in motivational activity and enabling your company to grow.

MET Academy will:

  • Work with you to identify the skills sets which you require for all employees to complete their job roles properly. This will involve looking at every role within your business separately and considering factors such as different departments and the levels of seniority.
  • Review the current skills levels of all employees against the skills sets identified, which will identify who is meeting expectations and who needs to complete further training to meet the expected skills level.
  • Identify the skills gap and then deliver or source the training to help close the skills gap and ensure that your team is at the level you expect them to be.
  • Record all the delivered training in an electronic Learner Management System (LMS) which ensures that you have records to all the training which has taken place.

The benefits of this service are:

  • Knowledge gaps are identified before they become a problem
  • It helps you plan your training programmes for the year and establish a realistic budget
  • It helps identify training which you may not have considered
  • Ensures that the training which is delivered is focussing in on the right areas
  • Enables you to prioritise what training takes place and to whom first

The level of the service varies according to the need of your organisation; it could be that you simply require the delivery and recording of training for your organisation or an initial training needs analysis to support the calculation of future budgets, whatever you think your need may be please contact the Client Support Team for further information and to discuss further on 02476796410 or via email

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