Coaching and Mentoring Apprentices

Supporting an Apprentice is a huge investment to any business, especially with regards to the investment of time and sharing knowledge. Therefore to support your organisation on the Apprenticeship journey MET Academy have designed an Apprenticeship Event which provides you with detailed information on the Apprenticeship Standard and how your organisation can support your Apprentice (s). 

For any business to reap the benefits of an Apprentice and retain the Apprentice as a member of their future workforce, coaching and mentoring support needs to be provided within the working environment, therefore as part of the event we will be running a coaching skills workshop.

Coaching is an interactive process that helps people improve, learn something new or move on to the next level. Coaching which is embedded within the organisation will benefit the coach and the coachee.

The event will cover the following topics:

  • An overview of the proposed delivery model for the Apprenticeship
  • The roles and responsibilities of an organisational coach and how to support your Apprentice (s) throughout the Apprenticeship programme
  • An introduction to the topics of Functional Skills, Equality and Diversity, British Values, Safeguarding  and PREVENT
  • How to facilitate meaningful coaching conversations with your Apprentice(s).
  • How to integrate coaching conversations into the working day and review meetings into the working month
  • How to integrate your new learning into current practice and establish mechanisms to sustain this development of oneself, your team and the organisation.

Examples of Coaching Records and Mentoring Agreement Templates have added to this page to support any organisation who would benefit from common forms.

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