Information for Employers

MET Academy is at the heart of UK industry and plays a vital role in addressing the skills gaps within metals, waste, recycling and resource management sectors.

We are dedicated to developing the skills required for the next generation of operatives, supervisors and managers our apprenticeship programme is central to this.

We work with partner employers nationwide in delivering training and development programmes to help to develop, motivate and inspire your workforce.

Apprenticeships can be delivered to your existing workforce to assist with succession planning and workforce retention but you can also appoint new employees as Apprentices.

Why would you want to recruit Apprentices?

  • Recruiting Apprentices is a cost-effective solution to training and recruitment
  • You can target skill shortages with individuals who have completed sector-specific study
  • You can increase employee retention, progression and loyalty
  • You can increase staff performance, efficiency and productivity
  • You can attract enthusiastic, motivated individuals
  • You can enhance profitability

Government statistics supports this:

  • 75% of employers agree that taking on apprentices has lowered recruitment costs
  • 80% of employers say that apprenticeships will play a bigger part in their future recruitment plans
  • 92% of businesses who employ apprentices believe that apprenticeships lead to a more motivated and satisfied workforce

Why work with MET Academy?

By working with MET Academy we will…

  • Help you advertise and recruit an apprentice or support your existing staff into apprenticeships at no cost
  • Explain the way that apprenticeships might work for you and what level of funding is available
  • Arrange Apprenticeship Information Events for prospective Apprentices so they understand the commitment of Apprenticeship, we will also assess their suitability to the Apprenticeship
  • Agree a training plan with you and your Apprentice
  • Provide support for the Apprentice’s line manager and workplace coaches with pre-Apprenticeship coaching and mentoring workshops
  • Provide support and guidance to organisations that have not previously employed apprentices or who do not have the infrastructure to develop their own in-house learning activities
  • Ensure that employers are fully informed of the learner’s progress
  • Ensure that not only are the national quality standards met for all training, but also MET Academy’s and your level of competencies are met
  • Establish professional behaviours and sector based skills and knowledge
  • Provide trainers who are practitioners.

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