Equality & Diversity – A Guide for Employers

The management of Equality and Diversity is an essential part of any organisation. Equality and Diversity isn’t about policies and being politically correct.

It is about understanding individual differences and creating a culture which respects everyone as an individual regardless of their needs.

Equality & Diversity – Employer Guide


Equality is about making sure people are treated fairly and given fair chances. Equality is not about treating everyone in the same way, but it recognises that their needs are met in different ways.


Diversity is about valuing individual difference. So ‘diversity’ is much more than just a new word for Equality. Diversity approaches aims to recognise value and manage difference to enable all learners and staff to contribute and realise their full potential. Diversity challenges us to recognise and value all sorts of differences in order to make MET Academy a better place to work and study in.

Why is Equality and Diversity important to you?

  • It is morally right
  • It makes business sense
  • Our traditional society is changing. Our population is multi cultural getting older and more women than ever are going to work. There are more disabled people and people are expressing their sexuality more openly.
  • It is the law
  • Legislation relating to Equality and Diversity has been introduced rapidly within the last ten years and an Equality Bill is due out this year.
  • Procurement requires evidence of good practice in relation to Equality and Diversity.
  • It affects everyone

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