Medium Risk Operator Competence for Physical Treatment

WAMITAB Level 4 (RQF) Medium Risk Operator Competence for Physical Treatment

Course Code: MET-OCS-002

Category: Workplace Assessment

Duration: 12 months

Mode of Attendance: Workplace Assessment

Location: Workplace

This award is part of the Operator Competence Scheme and is designed to provide technically competent people with the knowledge and skills to ensure waste sites comply with the Environmental Permitting Regulations. The WAMITAB Level 4 Medium Risk Operator Award is a work based qualification where you will gather evidence to demonstrate professional competence.

Upon achievement of this qualification you will have demonstrated competence to manage permitted waste facilities in England and Wales for one of the following site activities:

  • WEE AFT – Physical treatment
  • End of Life Vehicle facilities (vehicle storage, depollution and dismantling)
  • Non-hazardous treatment with transfer

and you will be recognised as a Technically Competent Manager (TCM).

The following topics will be covered:

  • Maintain Health and Safety in the waste and resource management industry
  • Manage the environmental impact of work activities
  • Management of the movement, sorting and storage of waste
  • Manage the reception of hazardous waste
  • Manager transfer and disposal from hazardous waste treatment and recovery operations
  • Manage site operations for the treatment of hazardous waste

This course is suitable for individuals who have been identified for the role of Technically Competent Managers, it is good practice for Managers and Supervisors to complete this qualification.


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