Workplace Assessment

This qualification is delivered within the workplace and is an assessment of your abilities, knowledge and understanding, with reference to your duties at work and your managerial control of the operation of the facility in your charge.  This award checks your knowledge and understanding and how you put your knowledge into practice, at your site. Therefore, this qualification assesses how you operate within the guidelines offered by legislation, regulation and your company’s systems and procedures.  Your Trainer-Assessor will support you to produce a portfolio of evidence, that can be assessed against a set of nationally recognised standards and, by referencing the evidence against the standards, prove you are competent to manage and control your chosen facility.

The qualification which you study will be determined by the risk rating for your site and the materials which are received, stored and processed on your site. An individual training plan will be created to identify the length of time you have to complete the qualification and the frequency of site visits from your assessor.

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