Revision Workshop for the Continuing Competence Assessment

Revision Workshop for the Continuing Competence Assessment

Course Code: MET-OCS-007

Category: Continuing Competence

Duration: 1 day

Mode of Attendance: Workshop

Location: MET Academy Nuneaton or Your Premises

In England and Wales the Operator Competence Scheme has a requirement for individuals to keep their competence up to date. Therefore all competent persons falling within the scheme are required to demonstrate ‘Continuing Competence'.  After gaining initial competence, Technically Competent Managers have to demonstrate that they have engaged in Continuing Professional Development by undertaking a short, computer-based, multiple choice test every two years. The WAMITAB Continuing Competence Revision Workshop enables Learners to “re-fresh” their knowledge and skills, which was documented within their Initial Competence Award, as preparation for the multiple choice test.

The workshop will include the following topics:

  • Preparation for assessment
  • Review of: Environmental Permits, Scrap Metals Dealers Act, Duty of Care and Hazardous Waste
  • Review of: Waste disposal, discharge consents, risk assessment and environmental protection
  • Review of: Environmental Agency Regulations, End-of-Life Vehicles  and Health and Safety.
  • Practice of Continuing Competence Tests for generic, metal recycling and ELV.
  • Review of: Waste, Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) and practice of the associated continuing competence tests

This course is suitable for individuals who have completed their initial competence and need to prepare for continuing competence assessment which is required to be updated bi-annually.


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