Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel 2016

Course Code: MET-PDE-016

Category: Personal Development

Duration: 1 day

Mode of Attendance: Workshop

Location: MET Academy or Your Premises

This workshop introduces individuals to the Excel desktop, spreadsheet set-up processes, basic formula and function use and chart and graph creation, assuming no previous knowledge of the software.

By the end of the workshop individuals will be able to:

  • Explain the Excel desktop layout
  • Outline basic Excel terminology (active cell, range, ribbon, rows, columns, help features)
  • Format cells appropriately based on contents and purpose (e.g. Currency, Date, Percentage)
  • Use Simple formulae to calculate results
  • Use simple functions including Sum, Average, Count, Min and Max
  • Insert new columns and rows
  • Use absolute and relative cell references
  • Freeze rows and columns
  • Sort data
  • Set margins and printing options including headers and footers
  • Create, label and format charts and graphs.

This course is suitable for individuals who are self taught in the use of Excel and want to increase their proficiency in using the software.

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