Business Report Writing

Business Report Writing

Course Code: MET-PDE-009

Category: Personal Development

Duration: 1 day

Mode of Attendance: Workshop

Method of Assessment: Internal

Location: MET Academy, Nuneaton or Your Premises

Business report writing is a key skill which any professional requires when they have to communicate business research, forecasting and business related issues. It is crucial to follow a proper format when writing business reports, to ensure that all the information is communicated in a logical and coherent manner and follows a set format, which ensures more effective time management for the report writer too.

This workshop will provide the knowledge and skills required to produce professionally written business reports, the workshop will include:

  • The identification of different audiences for the report and the intention of the report
  • The appropriateness of the different structures and styles of reports required
  • The presentation of reports

The course is suitable for supervisors and managers who wish to develop their personal skills in this area.

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