Radiation Protection Supervisor

Radiation Protection Supervisor

Course Code: MET-HAS-006

Category: Health and Safety

Duration: Half day

Mode of Attendance: Workshop

Location: MET Academy or Your Premises

The Ionising Radiations Regulations 1999 are enforced by the Health and Safety Executive and are concerned with the safety of individuals who may be exposed to radiation at work. The Rational Protection Supervisor is appointed under these regulations, which also specify that anyone appointed to the role of Radiation Protection Supervisor (RPS)  must be trained:

The purpose of the training is to ensure the RPS is made properly aware of the specific radiation hazard, has a good appreciation of the relative exposure risk, understands the relevant legislative controls, and is familiar with the basic principles of radiation protection in the workplace.

This course will cover the following topics:

  • Ionising Radiations
  • Radiation Dose and Health Effects
  • Principles of Protection
  • Controlling Legislation
  • Radioactivity in Recycled Metals
  • Detection in Yard and Actions

The Radiation Protection Supervisor (RPS) is appointed by the employer to oversee the work and make sure local rules are followed. The RPS might also play a key role in meeting the conditions imposed by the environment agencies via environmental permits and certificates of registration and authorisation. The RPS should be in a line management position but routinely involved in the work.

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