Electrical Health and Safety

Electrical Health and Safety

Course Code: MET-HAS-020

Category: Health and Safety

Duration: 7 hours

Mode of Attendance: Workshop

Location: MET Academy or Your Premises

The purpose of this one day course is to equip individuals with a comprehensive understanding of Electrical Health & Safety in the workplace. Attendees will learn how to conduct themselves safely so as not to cause death or injury to themselves or their colleagues. They will also learn how electricity can cause a shock, burns, fire & explosion & how to complete the following high risk activities:

  • Reset Trips (Circuit Breakers) – MCB, RCD, RCBO
  • Reset Overloads (Motor Overloads & Motor Protective Circuit Breakers) – MPCBs
  • Perform Safe Electrical Isolation (Isolate, Lock OFF & Check for DEAD) via various safety devices

This workshop is applicable to all maintenance personnel (electrical and mechanical) but it is also of benefit to all individuals who work on or near equipment or near machinery powered by electricity.

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