F- Gas (Air Con)

F- Gas (Air Con)

Course Code: MET-ELV-003

Category: End of Life Vehicles

Duration: 1 day

Mode of Attendance: Workshop

Location: Your Premises

The Fluorinated Green House Gases  Regulations 2009  stipulate that if you are handling, recovering, supplying, installing, manufacturing, maintaining, servicing or own equipment containing HFC refrigerants in stationary equipment then it is a requirement to have a F-Gas Regulations Certification. This course will ensure that:

  • Achievement of legal requirements for people work with fluorinated gases and ozone depleted substances
  • Reduce direct greenhouse gas emissions by limiting the release of fluorinated and other greenhouse gases.

Topics will include:

  • Global warming and climate change
  • Causes and effects of ozone depletion
  • Identifying the hazards and safe working practices for the recovery, storage and transportation of recovered refrigerants
  • The recovery of refrigerant and oil and prepare for disposal

This course is accredited by the Awarding Body, City and Guilds.

This course is suitable for individuals who are recovering F-Gases as part of their job role.

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