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Meet The Team

Mayer Environmental's Leadership Team plays an integral role in the continued success of the company.

Helping a client clear up

Industrial Development

When a client of ours wanted to purchase and develop a 25-acre site with a long and complicated history, Mayer was the company approached to help ensure the project went smoothly.

Refusing to waste our resources


Defra needed information on the content of Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment (WEEE) to help the UK meet the requirements of the EU WEEE Directive.

Ensuring waste facility opens without delay

Benfleet Scrap

Benfleet Scrap is family-run business that has been recycling for more than 40 years. It processes more than 85,000 tonnes of materials annually.

Raising the bar through compliance training

S Norton & Co

S Norton & Co is one of the UK’s leading metal recycling companies. It collects, processes and distributes one million tonnes of ferrous scrap annually. The company employs more than 120 people.

Grappling with waste on Christmas Island

Operation Grapple, Kiritimati

Operation Grapple’ was the codename for the UK nuclear testing program for the development of the hydrogen bomb in the 1950s.