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Water Discharge

Management of water discharge is an important element of an organisation’s environmental compliance strategy. Regulatory bodies conduct visual inspections and sampling events on a routine basis.

Any organisation intending to discharge water other than clean surface run-off from a site will most likely require formal permission.

Known as consent to discharge, this consent may be granted from either:

  • The Environment Agency (if you discharge to a controlled water), or
  • Your water company (if you discharge to a public foul sewer)

The consent will set out required quality standards, stipulating maximum concentrations of certain permitted effluents or pollutants. Some pollutants, such as oil and fats, solvents and flammable materials, may not be permitted at all.

Routine inspections by regulatory bodies may identify oily sheens or discolouration of water due to sediment. This in itself could signify non-compliance.

The only way to establish that your site is fully compliant with regard to water discharge is through regular sampling and analysis.

Mayer provides a sampling service, whereby one of our specialists will visit your site and collect a water sample. Alternatively, samples can be submitted to us directly.

Our skill and expertise means you can be assured the sample will be:

  • Representative of the waters
  • Handled, transported and stored carefully and appropriately
  • Delivered promptly to a laboratory for testing

Analysed and reported on quickly, accurately and in line with standards set by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) and MCERTs, the Environment Agency’s Monitoring Certification Scheme

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