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Soil & Water

Mayer’s analytical and testing service is backed up by years of experience both inside and outside the laboratory.

Our service is fast and reliable. We analyse and interpret data and report back with our findings within 10 – 12 days as standard.

We also offer a rapid turnaround function, which can be completed within just three working days depending on the level of analysis required.

Analysis is undertaken at UKAS-certified laboratories, and environmental / contamination testing is completed to MCERTs standards.

We have designed a range of testing packages, including:

  • ME1 – a general contamination suite
  • TQ1 – a general topsoil quality package
  • Bespoke testing suites and individual parameters of all types

In addition to analytical results, we also provide accessible, easy-to-read reports that highlight key issues within our findings. Our clients value these reports as they provide in-depth information they would not normally receive. 

The more information we receive about a sample, such as its origin and the purpose of the analysis, the more relevant we can make our report.

Getting the results you want involves asking the right questions in the first place.

Contact us today and we will help to ensure you get exactly what you require from your soil and water analysis. 

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