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Remedial Design & Verification

The aim of land regeneration is to produce a site that is fit for use. Once investigations and risk assessments have been completed, the site's conceptual model helps to guide the next step: the remedial solution.

In the event that little or no significant contamination is discovered at a site, building and regeneration work can begin immediately. If, however, the site requires work to meet a standard suitable for use, a remedial design will be required.

A remedial design ensures a site is ready for development, and that it will not pose a significant risk to users or the surrounding environment once work is complete. It is vital that this design is completed as quickly and cost-effectively as possible, to allow work to get under way. 

New remediation techniques are developed and brought to market all the time. The Mayer ethos is to select the most appropriate method for the site and the required outcome, taking cost and sustainability into account. When identifying the best solution, we carry out an option appraisal that considers several factors.

The solution we identify will depend on a site’s proposed use. Domestic housing, for example, obviously requires different outcomes to industrial or commercial premises.

Once a remedial plan has been chosen, we understand that regulatory bodies and you, the client, require peace of mind that it will be executed appropriately.

For this reason, we monitor progress closely and provide regular verification reports throughout.

Before filling in a completion report, our senior specialists will carry out rigorous checks to ensure that work has been completed to the highest standard.  

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