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Phase II Site Investigations

Information is collected about a site using non-intrusive (see above) and intrusive investigation methods.
The key to a successful investigation is to collect and characterise detailed information on the actual presence and location of contaminants. The pathways through which contaminants may move to impact upon receptors are also explored and characterised.
At Mayer we always manage and supervise the investigation process ourselves, rather than handing this important role to a third party or sub-contractor. Performing this function in-house ensures that:

•  Work is undertaken safely and professionally

•  Our specialists are able to observe ground conditions first-hand

•  We can constantly adapt to conditions during the investigation process

Every site is unique, and our investigation methods vary accordingly. Knowing where to investigate, dig or drill is a skill in itself. We tailor our investigation to the specific site conditions and particular requirements of the client and other stakeholders.
Methods that may be used to collect and characterise information from below the site surface include:
•  Shell and auger

•  Window sampling

•  Rotary drilling

•  Trial pitting

•  Geophysical investigation

We encourage regulatory bodies to visit a site during this process, so they can observe ground conditions and discuss the project with our specialists.
Our ethos is based on the fact that every client and every site is unique, and therefore deserves a personal service tailored to your unique requirements.

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