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Phase I Desk Study

Before an investigation can be planned and implemented, it is essential to gain a sound understanding of the site in question. The desk study (or phase I investigation) is therefore the most important part of any site investigation. It is the foundation upon which the rest of the investigation is built, and enables a preliminary conceptual model to be developed.
This model describes the site and its setting – providing Mayer, our client and regulatory bodies with a clear and simple image of the site. This image can be developed and added to as more information becomes available.
The desk study provides information on a site’s geology, hydrogeology and physical setting. It also builds a picture of the site’s history and previous uses, as well as potential receptors and pathways. Compiling this information tells us what could be impacted, how it could be impacted and by what.
Understanding the history of a site helps our specialists to decide the likelihood, nature, location and potential significance of contamination. We then add potential contaminants to the pathways and review the receptors.
Where possible we also undertake a walkover, as this allows us to see the site first hand and get a better feel for it.
Once all of this information has been compiled, we use our experience and expertise to draw up an assessment report. We decide whether a site investigation is necessary.

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