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Land Regeneration

Our services help to ensure the site you buy, sell, develop or investigate reaches the required standard. We instigate a step-by-step process, whereby a site is investigated in stages and a conceptual site model (CSM) is built up gradually as more information becomes available. We also design and validate remedial work that may be needed to bring your site up to the standard required for development.

Mayer’s expertise and years of experience means you can rest assured that your proposed development is given the best possible chance of coming to fruition.

Mayer’s services include:

I have been delighted with the swift, efficient service I received from Mayer – I cannot recommend them highly enough. I was totally new to the procedures involved, as far as testing for soil contamination was concerned, and Mayer explained everything clearly at each stage. Above all, they adopted a ‘common sense’ approach that enabled me to keep a tight reign on our budget. Their service and manner was open and honest, thanks once again to the team at Mayer.

Martin Graves
Private Client

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