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Ensuring waste facility opens without delay

Benfleet Scrap is family-run business that has been recycling for more than 40 years. It processes more than 85,000 tonnes of materials annually.

The company was seeking to gain the relevant planning and regulatory authorisation for a new metal and waste recycling facility in Basildon, Essex.

The site was previously used as a fridge recycling facility, but required full planning permission and a new environmental permit due to the new waste streams and specific treatment processes being proposed.

The Mayer solution

Benfleet engaged Mayer and we successfully ensured that the relevant authorisations were granted. This included: 

  • planning permission from Essex County Council
  • Anglia Water authorisation for the discharge of site drainage
  • an environmental permit from the Environment Agency

We also provided Benfleet employees with the training and qualifications (Operator Competence through the QCF diploma) necessary to operate the facility, and prepared the management system that is a requirement under the environmental permit.

(quote on the right: Richard Leaman, Benfleet Scrap)

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