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Audit Policy

Audit (Policy)
Environmental Management System (EMS) audits

This is a valuable tool if you are working towards an environmental management system such as ISO14001. We will:

  • Assess the EMS and identify any gaps in implementation
  • Work with you to provide advice and solutions for resolution of any issues we have identified
  • Provide assistance in the run-up to a certification visit

Compliance audits

We can focus on specific issues such as waste, or cover all environmental issues relevant to your company. We can:

  • Identify your company’s legal requirements
  • Review your company’s current legal compliance
  • Provide advice and assistance to close any gaps we may discover, thereby reducing risk

Mayer will provide comprehensive, accessible reports that reflect your company’s current performance and highlight areas of risk. 

We will provide guidance to improve your environmental compliance, ensuring you maintain a positive relationship with regulatory bodies such as the Environment Agency.

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