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Air & Dust

Air quality and problems associated with dust emissions are a common source of nuisance complaints in and around industrial and construction sites.

Implementing a dust-management plan and monitoring dust levels will help to reduce emissions.

In addition to site-specific dust management plans, Mayer provides monitoring equipment, including Osiris real-time monitoring stations, which records:

  • Total particulates
  • PM10s and PM2.5s
  • Wind direction
  • Wind strength
  • Rainfall

Dust can be analysed and collected on to filters. Depositional dusts can be measured in order to determine rates of dust outfall on to a site and neighbouring properties.

This information is used to determine the source of dust, and the site operations that are causing the most significant concentrations.

Whether you need help to control dust emissions, or are required to monitor dust levels as part of a permit or planning requirement, call Mayer today to find out how we can help. 

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